All my music is free for personal use, headphones strongly recommended.

When you like my music, tell others.

You may not like it. If so, I'm sorry my music doesn't appeal to you.
There is, however, no need for you to tell me that; sometimes even I
I think it's only enjoyable when one's in a certain mood.

To quote Steindór Andersen:
"[Our music] is nothing much, but we like it.
 I listen to it when I'm drunk,
 then it sounds amazing."

If you would like to include (parts of) my music in any of your
(commercial) projects, please contact me first

  1. Trippy funk
  2. Trip10
  3. Trip11
  4. Trip12
  5. The Bells
"DJ Spacepiep (live/life - raw - unedited, never touched)"
  1. 20120104221254
"Come fly with me."
  1. Take off
  2. Flying
  3. Floating/Lost in space
  4. In Orbit
  5. Return
... plays pipes.
  1. 01 Mellow pieps
  2. 02 Mellow pieps
  3. 03 Mellow pieps
  4. 04 Mellow pieps
  5. 05 Mellow pieps
Ethereal Dialpad for Android.
  1. Adagio
  2. Adagio Dolente
  3. Scherzo
  4. Finale
"Nice ones."
  1. Nice1 One
  2. Nice1 Two
Click to see Deepspace
  1. Silver Apples in Space (for Subotnik)
  2. Spaecanaries
  3. Deeperspace
  4. Unknown Regions
  5. The End.
  6. Deepspace - The Movie
Piano Valse.
  1. Granfathers Clock
  1. priemgeluid
Listen to my music first, before reading on.


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