The Alfa Romeo Rio, or Alfa Romeo 2300.

I've done some research on -the story of- the Alfa Romeo Rio.

Here's what I have so far:
(More information on this car is always welcome, btw)

It's not mentioned in the "Fusi Bible".

In 1968 the "Fábrica Nacional de Motores" (FNM) in Duque de Caxias,
just under Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil was taken over by Alfa Romeo.
They were building heavy trucks for both the Brazilian and
South American Market, AND a luxury car:
- The FNM2150 -, which was no other than the Alfa Romeo Berlina 2000,
built under license!

When removed from the "gamma" in 1972, there came in 1974, the
Alfa Romeo 2300 (Rio); a lengthened version of the Alfetta (sedan)
  -WHAH! So I thought! Several people have put me on the right track here...
It's in no way comparable to an Alfetta, since it's based on the good ol' 1900.

471,9cm  length
169,2cm  width
144cm    height
273cm    wheelbase
139.7cm  gauge front
140 cm   gauge rear
12,7cm   turning circle
1210kg   weight(empty)
100litre fuel tank

4 Cilinder straight
2310CC (cubic centimeters)
88mm x 95mm (Bore x Stroke)
9,0:1  Compression
97,1kW @ 5500rpm max power
200Nm  @ 3000rpm max torque
DOHC, chain driven
5 crank bearings
Solex C40 DHC (x2) Carburettors
Aluminum cylinder head
CAST-IRON block (1900-wise, a lot of RIO's have been used as donor for the 1900's)

3.303:1 1st gear
1.985:1 2nd
1.353:1 3rd
1.000:1 4th
0.790:1 5th
3.008:1 rev
4.778:1 diff

Top speed: 175 kmh (for 1974 enourmous)
Accell. 0 - 100kmh 11.5 (even now, not bad!)

And now the strange part:
I have this information from a 1979(!) "Autovisie jaarboek".
(An annual edition of cars available in the Netherlands)
Which states, "in 1978(!) this car came silently into the gamma. The
odd thing was that the copyright of the instruction manual was on
"Alfa Romeo Deutschland".
Reading on I learned, the German Alfa Romeo Importer saw a market for
these cars, where "Alfa Romeo Italia" didn't, and had ordered some
1000 cars to be shipped from Brasil to Europe.

What then happened, I don't know . . . So please fill me in!

From heresay I learned:
Those thousand cars were parked in a dead-end railroad in a forest
and stayed there for four years (which complies with the 1974-1978
discrepancy) and, before they were shipped they stood on a quay for
almost a year (imagine all the salty air)....
So when you bought one back in '79, it was at least 6 years old already
and rotting away.

But anyway, if you know or know someone who knows about these cars,
I'd be much obliged...
Here's (part of) a folder of carmanufacturers in Brazil at the time.
Oh yeah, pictures, please . .  I need pictures  :)

Already got some nice one's from a Brazilian guy named Paolo, take some time
to look at his website too.

From him I also learned the 2300's are still available in Brasil and some of them
in reasonably good condition also. Spare parts are still available used or new.

If you (like me) 'got the hots' for this car, than I advise you to contact:
Mr.  Michael Swoboda: , of the 'Alfa Romeo Clube do Brasil',
for details. (shipping costs, &c)

A nice 2300ti4 ('86 model)

The 2300 ('74/'75 model)


From left to right: a 164, a 2300ti4 ('82/'83) and an FNM2150

The leaflet introducing the 1985 edition of the 2300
Amazingly enough, it was called the "Alfa Romeo 85"(!)
(Paolo promised to sent me a translation, when it arrives I'll put it here)

The '82 model of the 2300ti4 (also available with Ethanol fuelled engine)

Just for comparison, a 1972 Alfetta

Another 2300ti4 ('84)

The FNM logo (spot the 10 differences :))

An FNM 2150

Some artwork by Paolo

More Pictures!
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